“The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it.”
~Leo Rosten

Along Comes Mary is written & maintained by Mary Lansing, a 20 something year old living in Sunny Southern California with her boyfriend, Mike & dog, Hammond. This blog reflects her adventures (sometimes, mis-adventures), comings & goings throughout LA as well as favorite products & exciting discoveries. She is a Gluten Free Pescatarian, and her occupation in life is having as much fun as possible as well as occasionally working in the technical side of theatre, along with her day job in Sales & is also Assistant Editor for an up-coming documentary on Diabetes (She’s been a Type 1 since 8 years old)

Sees2                                     (Going all Lucy & Ethel at a See’s Chocolate Shop)

IMG_1299                               (Early morning at The Tournament of Roses Parade)

Aside from writing & snapping pictures for the blog, Mary loves to be with Mike, her parents, friends & Hammy.

Uni2                               (Fun with her main squeeze, Michael, at Universal Studios)

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Mary1                                      (And, one of her favorite places, the beach.)