“The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it.”
~Leo Rosten

Along Comes Mary is written & maintained by Mary Lansing, a 20 something year old living in Sunny Southern California with her dog, Hammond. This blog reflects her adventures (sometimes, mis-adventures), comings & goings throughout LA as well as favorite products & exciting discoveries. She is a Gluten Free Pescatarian, and her occupation in life is having as much fun as possible as well as working in the technical side of theatre & is also Assistant Editor for an up-coming documentary on Diabetes (She’s been a Type 1 since 8 years old)

Sees2                                     (Going all Lucy & Ethel at a See’s Chocolate Shop)

IMG_1299                               (Early morning at The Tournament of Roses Parade)

Aside from writing & snapping pictures for the blog, Mary loves to be with her boyfriend, parents, friends & Hammy.

Uni2                               (Fun with her main squeeze, Michael, at Universal Studios)

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Mary1                                      (And, one of her favorite places, the beach.)

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  1. I found my way to your website by way of Susan Cooper and glad I did. I always find it impressive when someone can create a worthy story out of observations and every day life. Entertain and captivate the audience. You do just that. Thanks, Tim

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